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Eyeshadows are a staple for anyone who is into makeup and beauty products. If your eyes are the canvas of your soul, the eyeshadow is the base colour that you begin your artwork with.

When it comes to choosing an eyeshadow, there are so many shades, textures, formulas and finishes available, that it will make your head spin. Our step-by-step eyeshadow buying guide will make it easier for you:

Types Of Underwear:

If we speak of versatility in fashion, it wouldn’t be wrong to say the same about underwear. It’s true, there’s an array of types and styles to pick from. Discover them all here:

  • Boy Shorts

    Borrowed from the men’s wardrobe, boy shorts for women feature a lower-cut leg that sometimes extends towards the thighs. These are best worn under loose-fitting attire like skater dresses.

  • Regular Briefs

    Briefs provide full coverage and come with a high-waistband, providing optimum comfort; ideal for everyday wear.

  • Bikini Briefs

    Bikini briefs provide minimal coverage and feature a low-rise fit. Their waistband is generally thinner than regular briefs

  • Thongs

    The waistband of a thong rests on the hip bone or above it. The rear design is only a slim strip or a string that provides minimum coverage, making it perfect for form-fitting clothes, to prevent panty lines.

  • G-String

    Like thongs,G-strings too provide no rear coverage. A pair resembles an inverted triangle in the front, while the waistband is a string, like the name suggests.


As underwear comes directly in contact with the skin, care must be taken to ensure that the material is soft and non-irritant. Here’s your checklist to picking up the right one, keeping comfort as a priority.

  • Cotton Spandex Underwear

    The breathability of cotton and the stretchability of spandex are combined in this comfortable pair of underwear.s

  • Cotton Underwear

    The lightweight properties of cotton are reason why it remains the most preferred fabric for underwear. Cotton underwear is also moisture-absorbent, making it a summer-friendly option.

  • Spandex Underwear

    Spandex underwear is sought-after for its ability to stretch, which amplifies comfort. A spandex construction also feels softer against the skin and is more durable in the long run.

  • Nylon Underwear

    Nylon is a light-weight material which is highly durable. Nylon weave underwear is moderately stretchable, which makes it a comfortable option.

  • Lace Underwear

    Lace is a delicate fabric that exudes a decidedly feminine vibe. It provides minimum coverage as the fabric is sheer. Lace underwear has perpetually owned the stylish tag for its dainty, intricate aesthetics.

Pair The Correct One With Outfits

Each outfit requires the right kind of underwear to go with it. Wearing the wrong underwear is a major faux pas and must be avoided as it can interfere with the look of an outfit.

Panties For Everyday Wear

Need your top 5 to get you through the week in comfort? Here’s a list of underwear design for comfort and functionality during a regular week:

  • Bikini Briefs underwer

    Bikini briefs in comfy fabrics are perfect for everyday use as they provide complete rear and front coverage. They also feature a low-rise cut for extra coverage around the thighs and hips.

  • Hipster Briefss

    Hipster briefs embrace the hips and come with low-cut legs that provide full coverage and maximum comfort for everyday usage.

  • Boy Shorts

    Boy shorts are mini versions of regular shorts, which are designed for full coverage both at the front and back.

  • French Cut Panties

    Termed as the high-cut underwear, these feature a high waistband. The leg holes extend up to the widest part of the thigh for better circulation.

  • Seamless Panties

    Seamless panties are meant to be kept handy, particularly when you’re planning to wear a form-fitting ensemble. Besides, these are highly comfortable for everyday wear.

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