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If one has to name the biggest makeup trends that took the fashion world by storm, contouring would definitely find a place in the top three. Made popular by the Kardashians, face contouring was the most ubiquitous trend of 2015 and ever since.

If you are yet to figure out the what this frenzy is all about, we are here to help. Face contouring is a way of enhancing the shape of your face to put emphasis on the best features naturally. While contouring, you have to define the best features of your face, chisel the overall look, and hide flabbiness for a sharp and sculpted look.

Want to get your very own contouring kit in the makeup kitty? Our buying guide will help you, step by step.

Types of Products

Your custom contouring kit should include the following products

  • Contouring_01_01_primer


    Clean your face, refresh, and moisten your skin with a primer. Apply on the fingertips and blend it evenly all over the face for clear, bright skin that is perfect base for putting on makeup.

  • Contouring_01_02_Foundation


    Choose a natural finish foundation, preferably long-lasting, for an even toned face. Identify your skin tone and type to avoid mishaps like a caked face or visible flakes.

  • Contouring_01_03_concealor


    Correct blemishes, dark circles, wrinkles, and other imperfections with a concealer. Again, skin tone and type play an important part here, along with the skin colour. Buy a concealer that is made for your skin type, complements your skin tone and is a shade or two darker than your natural shade.

  • Contouring_01_04_Highlighter


    Get hold of a good highlighter that will illuminate your face. Map your face and glide on the highlighter stick underneath your eyes, on the centre of the forehead, between the brows, a little on the chin and on the bridge of the nose.

  • Contouring_01_05_Bronzer


    You can use a bronzer to add some warmth to your skin. Use it to define the edges of the face, starting from the temples, going straight to the hairline to minimize a large forehead. Bring out your cheekbones, sharpen the nose and chisel the jawline with it.


  • Contouring_02_01_ContouringBrush

    Contouring Brushes

    A contouring brush will help you to evenly apply the makeup at the right places in the right proportions. It will also come handy to dust off any loose hanging powder.

  • Contouring_02_02_BeautyBlender

    Beauty Blenders

    With a beauty blender, you can merge the contouring colour seamlessly over your foundation. Use the bigger, rounded parts to tap in circular motions. The fine tip can be used on the nose and the chin.


  • Contouring_03_01_Light


    Light contouring will just include sharpening of the facial features. Chalk out your cheekbones and firm your jawline with two foundation sticks of light and dark shades, and blend them well.

  • Contouring_03_02_Moderate


    Moderate contouring will hide imperfections and get you a sharpened face with prominent cheekbones and a visibly narrower nose. A contouring palette will help you get this look. Be careful in choosing the right shades as per your skin tone.

  • Contouring_03_03_Sculpting


    Hide double chins, flatten chubby cheeks, elongate, and sharpen your nose, make your forehead appear less broad and get a slimmer face - no, we are not talking about plastic surgery, but of heavy contouring. Doing it does require fine makeup artistry and some practice. Don’t go for heavy contouring if you are just getting started with it.


  • Contouring_04_01_Day


    Choose the makeup base in a lightweight formulation. Added SPF is a plus; otherwise, don’t forget to apply sunscreen before topping off with foundation. Do light contouring by just defining the edges and the cheekbones, and don’t go overboard with contrasting shades.

  • Contouring_04_02Evening


    With the help of a highlighter and bronzer or a custom kit, do medium to heavy contouring on the face. Duo sticks are the most suitable all-in-one products to chisel facial features for a gorgeous night-time look.

    Contouring is the art of refining, enhancing, and slimming the face with makeup. However, like any other finer make up skills, this one also requires practice with the right tools to get everything right like a pro. Buy a ready-made contouring kit or customise your own, our buying guide will help you make a better choice.

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