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Lingerie - Select Right

Women's inner wear, sleep wear & other items of intimate apparel is termed as Lingerie. As there are several options available, choosing the right lingerie can often be a tricky task. Here's a quick list of basic types of lingerie & their functionality.

Bra Types:

  • Padded Bra

    Give an enhanced shape and are ideal under close fitting clothes.

  • Non-Padded Bra

    Often underwired for support, in stretch fabric or lace, this comfortable bra is not ideal under close fitting clothes.

  • Wired Bra

    These supportive underwired bras give a great shape and are acommon feature in most bras

  • Non-Wired Bra

    These soft and comfortable bras give a support & shape without wiring.

  • T-Shirt Bra

    Seam-free bras with moulded cups for a smooth & almost seam-free shape. Ideal for wearing under t-shirts.

  • Sports Bra

    Essential for all sporting activity, these stretchy bras are non wired and offer full support.

  • Multiway Bra

    Give an enhanced shape and are ideal under close fitting clothes.

  • Balcony Bra

    Often underwired for support, in stretch fabric or lace, this comfortable bra is not ideal under close fitting clothes.

Briefs Types:

Women's briefs or panties are available in several new cuts & designs. Here are a few must have briefs that are flattering under most outfits.

  • Bikini

    The Bikini brief is low on the hips with a scooped front, narrow sides, fairly high cut on the thighs and good bottom coverage.

  • Hipsters

    Low rise, with good bottom coverage and straight low legs, the Hipster is a trendy brief, usually worn under pants with a low rise.

  • High Waist

    This style has the most coverage, with stomach and bottom cover up to the waist. The cut of the leg could be high or low.

  • Seamless

    The Seamless brief is a comfortable & great choice to wear under form-fitting clothing such as cocktail dresses or stretch pants.

  • Shorts

    Similar to the Hipster, the Shorts brief is designed after men's briefs, with a low rise, good bottom coverage and straight low legs.

  • Thongs

    To avoid underwear lines from showing under fitted garments, the crotch is extended to the back of the wearer and a narrow strip of fabric fits between the buttocks, becoming wider towards the top. It is an alternative to the Seamless Brief.

Maternity Lingerie:

As pregnancy causes an increase in breast size & sensitivity, your current bras start to feel uncomfortable. It is advisable to opt for a Maternity bra at this point. Listed below are basic Maternity lingerie & their functionality.

  • Maternity Support bra

    Non-wired to accommodate your changing shape,Support Bras are comfortable and offer gentle shaping and support.

  • Nursing bra

    Comfortable and supportive without wiring, Nursing Bras include a drop cup for breast feeding and retainer straps to hold the strap in place whilst nursing your baby.

  • Sleep bra

    These bras are designed to be worn through pregnancy. Besides providing support, the Sleep Bra also holds the breast pads in place.


Selecting the right lingerie to suit your outfit & occasion is necessary. With many options now available, one could find this a daunting task. Follow our simple outline which high lights the usage of lingerie to suit occasions.

  • Everyday Lingerie

    Essential & basic lingerie, which can be worn comfortably daily, usually in cotton or similar breathable fabrics are classified as Everyday Lingerie. Choose lingerie from styles that suit your outfit- e.g. T-shirt Bra with fitted stretch top or Hipster Briefs with low-rise jeans.

  • Fashion Lingerie

    Lingerie that have trendy styling, new materials or design features are classified as Fashion Lingerie. Available in a variety of fabrics, suited to flatter the figure, Fashion Lingerie can be chosen to suit your outfit as well.

  • Bridal Lingerie

    Sensuous fabrics such as satin silk & stretch lace are often used in bridal Lingerie. The styling is fashionable & flattering. Bridal Lingerie is often accompanied by other components such as garter belts & thigh high stockings.

What Suits You & Care Type

For figure control & a confidence boost, Shape Wear is always a great choice. The correct Shape Wear can make almost any outfit look amazing. Here's a look at a few options of the versatile & figure-sculpting shapewear.

  • Thigh Slimmer

    Essentially a stomach and bottom shaper, the Thigh Slimmer smoothes hips and thighs & is ideal under fitted trousers dresses and skirts.

  • Full Brief

    Ideal for everyday wear the Full Brief flatters the stomach & affords full coverage.

  • Waist Cincher

    The Waist Cincher, is ideally worn under a dress. This excellent stomach & waist shaper has all the benefits of a body you can wear your own bra

  • Body

    Great under suits and dresses, the one-piece Body controls the stomach & bottom shape while smoothes the waist.

  • Support Tights

    Creating a defined silhouette under skirts and dresses, Support Tights are a stomach, bottom & thigh shaper.

  • Control Slip

    This provides all-over shaping while smoothening the waist, stomach and bottom. Ideal for wearing under dresses