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Sunglasses - Choose Perfect

Sunglasses keep away harmful UV rays & thanks to popular culture, are now an essential fashion accessory. While selecting a style that suits your face shape it is best to get a closer insight into this versatile & functional accessory.


Sunglasses originated as a form of protective eyewear, designed to prevent bright sunlight from damaging the eyes & causing discomfort. To suit various daily activities , it is wise to select your sunglasses acordingly.

  • Beach Sunglasses

    While in harsh & direct sunlight, healthcare professionals recommend eye protection to keep the eyes safe from Ultra Violet Radiation (UV) which can cause eye problems. Beach sunglasses are preferably large framed with a reflective or 'polarized' lense. Popular shapes are Oversized Frames.

  • Sport Sunglasses

    Sports sunglasses often have shatterproof and impact-resistant lenses along with a strap used to keep glasses in place during sporting activities. For further comfort, some sports sunglasses have a nose cushion. Popular shapes are Wrap-Around & Visor.

  • Fashion Sunglasses

    An essential accessory for the trendy, fashion sunglasses are available in various frame shapes, lense colours & other features. It is advisable to opt for frames that suit your face shape for best results.


An essential accessory for the trendy, fashion sunglasses are available in various frame shapes, lense colours & other features. It is advisable to opt for frames that suit your face shape for best results.

  • Men's Sunglasses

    Conventional men's sunglasses tend to have larger frames than women's sunglasses, with wider bridges, so as to accomodate a larger & wider face.Pastic or wire frames are commonly used, thus closely resembling the frames on standard glasses. Colours are basic & decorative detailing is kept to the bare minimal. There are exceptions to the rule in the case of fashionable sunglasses for men.

  • Women's Sunglasses

    Women's sunglass frames occasionally use large pieces of plastic that make the entire accessory substantially larger and are more likely to come in unconventional colors like green, bright white, pink and blue. They also tend to have more design on them, with leopard print, diamante studs or other eye-catching patterns.

Frame Shapes:

  • Aviator Sunglasses

    Aviator sunglasses feature oversize teardrop-shaped lenses and a thin metal frame. The design was introduced in the early 1930's for the U.S. Air Force, thus the name Aviator. As a fashion statement,aviator sunglasses are often made in mirrored, colored, and wrap-around styles. Although intially a masculine style, the aviator can be worn by both men & women.

  • Wayfarer Sunglasses

    The Wayfarer is a plastic-framed design where the lenses are wider at the top and narrow towards the bottom . The original frames were black but today are available in different solid colors, tortoiseshell & prints.

  • Wrap-Around Sunglasses

    Are sunglasses that curves around the head, from the front to the side. Wrap-around lenses block more of the light hitting your eyes from the side. This is a great choice for outdoor sport as these sunglasses improve aerodynamics, cutting down on wind that can dry out your eyes, and provide extra protection against rain & dust.

  • Oversized Sunglasses

    This retro style is face flattering, the Oversized sunglasses are attention grabbing and gives you a boost of confidence. Available in exaggerated round, square & butterfly shapes these make the perfect fashion accessory for women.

  • Cat Eye Sunglasses

    Cat Eye glasses are typically horn-rimmed glasses with upward tilted outer edges.Usually available in many colours with decorative detailing,they reflect retro chic styling that originates from the 1950's.

  • Square or Rectangular Sunglasses

    Available in both mid & oversized frames, these shapes soften a round face. The Sqaure or rectangular shape often has embellished stalks.



a type of plastic often used and associated with sunglass frames and lenses.

Acrylic Plastic Lenses:

this type of lens typically weighs less and is the least expensive. They are usually soft and scratch easily.


a type of metal used to make sunglasses. It is currently used less than in the past.

ANSI Z80.3:

is applied to sunglasses, which assure complete protection against harmful UV rays and permit acceptable color recognition.

Anti-reflective (AR) Coating:

a thin layer of coating applied to a lens in order to reduce the amount of reflected light and glare that reaches the eye.

Aviator Glasses:

eyewear resembling those worn by aviators, or people who fly aircraft; they typically have a metal frame and large, tinted lenses.

Backside Coating:

coating to protect the sunglasses lenses from scratching.


a type of lens that does not break, shatter, crack or wrap.

Base tint:

a dye embedded in the lens that creates the color seen when one looks at the back side of a pair of sunglasses.


a type of lens containing two regions with two distinct optical powers.

Blue Blocker:

a type of lens that guards blue light.

Blue Light:

a part of sunlight which is blocked by yellow or amber lenses, making objects appear more distant to the eye.


the area that arches up between the lenses over the nose and supports the majority of the weight of the glasses.

Bridge Size:

the distance in millimeters between the inner sides of the lens.

Cable Temple:

a style of sunglasses that wraps around the ear in order to keep them secure.


a hard protective box fitting to standard sunglasses size, intended to keep sunglasses and lens safe and secure.


a type of sunglasses that attach onto one's reading glasses.


surface lens treatments; as follows:


Reduces distracting reflections.


sheds water and sweat to reduce spotting on lens surfaces.


a cosmetic coating, which has the appearance of a mirror and can reduce glare and bright light.


also known as "hard coating" to resist scratching.

Color-Coated Lenses:

a type of lens with a color coating applied to its outside.

Gradient Coating:

a permanently shaded, double-gradient lens that is dark at the top and bottom and lighter in the middle.

Gray and green lens colour:

colors that are neutral and soothing to the eye.


parts of the frame fronts that extends outward from the lenses and connect to the temples.

Frame Front:

the front part of the eyeglass frame that holds the lenses in place and bridges the top of the nose.


the part of the frame that connects the frame front to the temples and allows the temples to fold in.


the clear, plastic or prescription part of sunglasses that one looks through, and that is resistant to light.

Metal Frames:

frames made from base metals, or copper or nickel alloys, that are later plated with fine metals, such as gold.

Nose Pads:

plastic pieces which may be attached directly to the frame or pad arms. These help keep the frame in its proper position on the wearer's face, while providing comfort and a snug fit.

Pad Arms:

attachments that hold nose pads in place and allow adjustments

Polarized Lenses:

a filter in between the front and back surface of the lens, which filters out horizontally reflected glare.


an extremely strong plastic that weighs little and is impact-resistant, an ideal selection for use in rugged sunglass frames and lenses.

Rim Type:

a description of lens placement. "Full rim" is most typical, which occurs when the lens is completely encased in the rim of the frame. "Semi rim" appears occasionally, which describes a style in which the lens is encased in the top of the frame, also called "rimless".

Rose lens colour:

a color that sharpens details and allows depth in vision.

Side Pieces:

eyeglass pieces which curl behind the ear, resembling a hockey stick; attached to the end of "straight sides", which grip above the ears.

Stainless Steel:

a type of steel comely utilized in eyeglasses; stainless steel frames can be made very thin, while still maintaining their strength and flexibility.


an uncommon metal bar that rests over the bridge to provide extra support, usually features in aviator styles.


Arm pieces of the frame that extend over and behind the ears to help hold the frame in place.

There are several types of temples:

Skull temples appear bent down slightly over the ear and follow the contour of the skull.

Comfort-cable temples hook behind the ear with a flexible metal cable. These are suitable for sport-safety glasses.

Paddle temples are straight, so they can be slipped on and off easily.

Temple length:

the length in millimeters of the arm of the frame that runs from the hinge to the end that wraps behind one's ear.

Temple tips:

plastic coatings that often cover the ends of the temples behind the ears to provide wearer comfort.


a type of metal alloy that is very strong and used to make sunglasses lightweight and durable.

Top bar:

a reinforcing bar that crosses the top of the glasses, between the two lenses.

Ultraviolet (UV) Rays:

the invisible part of the light spectrum which are very dangerous to the eyes.

UV Filter:

a lens coating that filters out UV radiation.

Yellow lens colour :

a color that enhances depth perception in low-light conditions, while permitting excellent detail.

What Suits You & Care Instructions

An essential accessory for the trendy, fashion sunglasses are available in various frame shapes, lense colours & other features. It is advisable to opt for frames that suit your face shape for best results.

  • Round Face

    Full cheekbones, narrow forehead and jaw defines a round face. Angular-shaped, rectangular or square frames will contrast the soft curves of your face , drawing more attention to the top half. Avoid round frames which tend to exaggerate fullness.

  • Square Face

    A broad forehead with square jawline or a square shaped face can be softened with a round-shaped frame. Opt for a mid-sized frame that's proportional to your face. Avoid sharp geometric shapes as they emphasize an angular profile further.

  • Heart Shaped

    For those whose faces taper in at the jaw from a wide forehead, oversized sunglasses create balance. Avoid verly embellished sunglasses

  • Oval Shaped

    Typically a balanced forehead, cheekbones and jaw, the Oval shaped faces suit all sunglass styles. Cat-eye shapes & Aviators are highly recommended as best suited frame shapes.

  • Care & Instruction

    'Use a soft cloth to clean your sunglass lenses.

    A spray-on lens cleaner or just plain water should also be used, as dry lenses are easily scratching when rubbed.

    Always store your sunglasses in a hard or padded case as it protects your eyewear from scratching and crushing, and helps keep the lenses clean.

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