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Men’s Cargo and Trousers

We understand that statement jackets and cool shoes are always going to be more fun to shop for, but it’s surprising how often the complementing apparel is overlooked. A smart choice of trousers and cargo pants can be the most powerful piece you wear, and a bad pair can instantly waste all your hard work.

Check out the guide below to choose a pair that fits right and looks suave.


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    For Dry Skin

    Those with dry skin will need hydration and moisturisation to conceal visible flakes and induce a healthy glow before you start applying your makeup. Look for products that promise a hydration boost with Vitamin E and antioxidants.

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    Casual Wear

    Chinos are the new casuals that have added a gentleman's touch to the current-day styling. Chino is twill fabric originally made of 100% cotton. They were developed in the 19th century for British and French military uniforms and are ideal for semi-casual to casual occasions. Choose from a wide range of colours to suit your style.


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    Pleats are small folds in the fabric that have been permanently fixed in place. In trousers, they appear as small vertical lines running down from the waistband. Pleated pants suit the triangular body shape better - slim at the torso and broader; at the hips as they allow more room and comfort.

    If you choose pleated pants, remember to check if they have cuffed hems to lend more weight to your pants, and let the pleats fall in place naturally.

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    Flat Front

    These pants are great for slimmer men. They make your silhouette appear smoother and straight. Flat front pants should be well tailored, a bit loose around the waist, and worn just on or below the hipbone.

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    Trouser Cuffs

    Trouser cuffs are not a necessary embellishment, but, like trouser pleats, they are often the best-looking option for most men. Trouser cuffs help add a bit of extra weight, which helps the fabric fall straight and keeps it from billowing.

    A well-fitted cuff should rest against the back of a man’s shoe and graze the face of the shoe; a slight point where the fold of the trouser rests on the shoe is a sign of a good fit.

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    Cargo Pants

    The original design of cargo trousers featured drawstrings on the bottom cuff that could be drawn tight over the top of the boot for military purposes. Now, cargos come with a straight fit and cuffed hems that are perfect for a casual appearance.


  • cargos-trousers-7


    The fit that falls smoothly with a straight cut. A regular fit is loose around the thighs and waist just like a custom-made fit. It suits any kind of body type and lends out a fit that is comfortable. Regular fit, as the name implies, is the traditional cut and fits looser around the body and offers roomy comfort.

  • cargos-trousers-8


    Slim fit is for a sharp, well-fitted look that is suave and presentable. They taper towards the ankles highlighting the shape of your legs and hang tight at the calves. It is usually a preferred pair that adds to a modishly tailored finish.

  • cargos-trousers-9.jpg

    Ultra Skinny

    The tightest fit, it flatters your form like none other. Ideal for the tall and slim legged, it is easier to wear as you don’t have to worry about hemming them.


  • cargos-trousers-10


    Cotton is the most versatile fabric that is soft and feels light on your body. When used for trousers, both in casual and formal wear, they add to your comfort as they are breezy, making them ideal for tropical climates.

  • cargos-trousers-11


    Linen fabric being stretchy and comfortable is easy to sew and comes in a variety of weights. Be careful because linen tends to crease. Light-as-air linen is also a hot weather classic.

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    Woollen trousers have been in trend since decades and continue to be the cult classics. They are an exemplary choice to keep you warm and cosy through the winter.

  • cargos-trousers-13


    Poly-cotton, a blend of polyester and cotton, is light-weight and synthetic woven fabric. It is crease resistant and affordable. The blend of cotton keeps it cool in the summer and polyester lends it a smooth finished touch.


  • cargos-trousers-14


    The low rise sits on or below your hips, a few inches below your belly button. They are also called ‘low-cut’ pants. They have been in style since the 1950’s and gained popularity in the 2000’s. These are ideal for a casual day out.

  • cargos-trousers-15


    Meant to fit at or above the hips, mid-rise pants are stylish yet comfortable. The front rise measures around 8-12″ and are the most preferred pair as they suit most body types.

  • cargos-trousers-16


    The high rise sits on your waist and hits your belly button, if not covering it completely. In the western culture, it has been in fashion since the 1970’s being in close competition with the low-rise. It usually comes with long zippers with rises that are 10” long.

Perfect Pair

Choose the perfect pair for your outings and daily wear with our checklist of intricate details you must look out for before purchase:

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    ·  Make sure you pick the right coloured trouser to complete the attire. A vibrant shade for a pastel coloured shirt could ruin the look all-together.

    ·  Chinos are remarkably easy to style. For a more casual aesthetic, opt for linen shirts tucked into slim chinos for a perfect look on a sunny day.

    ·  For a dressier take on chinos, opt for blazers in contrasting colours to amp up your looks.

    ·  Wardrobe staples like khaki, navy, and white work incredibly well for countless colour combinations.

    ·  The most versatile chino colour is undoubtedly navy. It can be worn with most colours, tends to work well for occasional wear as well.

    ·  Cargo trousers should not have a long hemline; it tends to get caught under the wearer's shoe and is sure to pick up dirt and grime.

    ·  Good trousers will have pockets of the proper size and shape to carry a few small items without bulging.

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