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A good lipstick is a must have for every woman. However if not chosen the right one, it can lead to a disaster. Here is how you can choose the right lipstick:

Choose the Right Finish: Choosing the right type or finish of a lipstick is the first step to buying, for lipsticks come in so many forms and each of them have different properties. It is very important to pick the right one for the current occasion or mood.

Skin Tone

It is not necessary that all lipsticks suit all skin tones. Therefore you must be very cautious while choosing yours. First identify your skin tone, then try to find a lipstick in the shade that suits you the most or one that falls in the same shade family.

Find out below which of the colours and shades match your skin tone

  • style-guide-lipsstick-13-fair


    Although you can practically pull of any shade of a lipstick due to your fair colour try to stick to neutral colours during the day. Reds and pinks are good picks for the day as well. Go for warm berry tones during the evening.

  • style-guide-lipsstick-14-wheatish


    If you are the ones who have a not too fair but not too dark skin tone, then go for some cool as well as hot shades of pink. Shades in a darker palette like brown will work well with your skin. Avoid neutral and pale shades as they will make your lips look colourless.

  • style-guide-lipsstick-15-dark-skin


    : If you are someone blessed with a darker skin tone then avoid light and neutral shades. They will make your lips look pale in comparison to your skin tone. Opt instead for rich browns and deep berries and see yourself transform into a glam goddess.

    While lipsticks are made to have fun with, ensure that you don’t end up wearing the wrong one. It will look out of place or very loud. Follow the above guidelines and have fun experimenting with the numerous shades on offer.

  • style-guide-lipsstick-01_matte


    High intensity, no shine or sheer lipstick ideal for long wear. A higher ratio of colour pigments helps this one last for a long time. Ideal for regular wear

  • style-guide-lipsstick-02-sheer

    Shine/ Sheer:

    Shine producing lipstick with extra oils for a smooth finish which give a lustrous look. Sheer lipsticks give a shine along with minimal colouring and glide easily across the lips.

  • style-guide-lipsstick-03-creeme


    Softer, creamier and with full colour this one is perfect for long wear. Gives a subtle shine to the lips making them look fuller and plumper while providing protection at the same time.

  • style-guide-lipsstick-04-glossy


    For those who like extra shiny lips, glossy lipsticks are your best bet. They have low intensity in terms of colour but give an excellent shine. In short perfect for a glamorous night out.

  • style-guide-lipsstick-05-longwear


    Intense colour lipsticks that are designed to last. Oils and butter in the formula help nourish and plump up the lips ensuring creaseless lips while the colour is known to last for atleast a few hours in some and upto 9 hours in others. This type is perfect for working women who want an all in one product with the ability to last.

  • style-guide-lipsstick-06-ultra

    Ultra Moist:

    Loaded with extremely moist formula, the ultra-moist lipsticks polishes you lips like never before. It has the necessary ingredients like aloe, shea butter etc. to moisturize the lips.

  • style-guide-lipsstick-07stain


    Extremely soft on the lips.  Rich pigmentation with extra lustre.


Sometimes lipsticks on their own are not enough to pull off a look. In such a case enhancers are in abundance in the market. Here are a few you can use regularly:

  • style-guide-lipsstick-08-gloss


    Lip glosses are the perfect companions to lipsticks. Lip glosses have either high intensity or low colour pigmentation. Use it over a lipstick to lock in the colour or just to give a touch of lustre on bare lips.

  • style-guide-lipsstick-09-lippencil

    Lip pencils:

    Lip pencils aid in correcting the shape of the lips ensuring the right application of lipsticks. Rich in texture and containing high colour pigmentation they are useful to outline the lips and can be used as fillers as well. Use the same shade of liner as the lipstick to avoid creating an obvious outline.

  • style-guide-lipsstick-10-balm

    Stain balms:

    Combine the properties of a lip balm and a lipstick/gloss and voila you have lip stain balms! These stain balms contain moisturizing properties with a hint of colour that gives your lips a natural look. Stain balms are good for everyday use and come in an array of colours.

    Lips are the most delicate parts of the body and are easily prone to dryness and chapping. Lip balms are the most effective on dry and chapped lips. The various ingredients like aloe, shea butter, jelly help rebuild and regain the softness as well moisturize the lips.

Time of the Day

The lipstick shades are constantly changing along with trends. With so many shades available in the market, it becomes confusing to choose the right one.

  • style-guide-lipsstick-11-day


    You don’t want to go bold or dark during the day so stick to natural and neutral tones. Subtle colours make you look fresh throughout the day. Pure reds and cool pinks are good options for the fair skinned.

  • style-guide-lipsstick-12-evening


    Rich jewel tones in a varying colour palette make your face stand out. Dramatic reds and berry shades pair well with evening wear.