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It is most crucial part in choosing a denim. The fit determines if you feel comfortable or not in your denims. A good fit makes you look and feel good too. Here are the fits you should be aware of while buying your jeans.

  • buying-guide-denim-slimfit.jpg

    Slim Fit

    Don’t confuse between slim and skinny because they are poles apart. A slim fit jeans tapers towards the ankles hugging your calves and knees while loosening up on the thighs and lower legs. This fit makes you look clean, sharp and suave.

  • buying-guide-denim-sknnyfit.jpg

    Skinny Fit

    The trimmest fit out there, skinny fit jeans will stick to your body like a peel. The circumference of the leg opening is the smallest as well in a skinny fit. On the other hand, a skinny fit pair of denims is guaranteed to make your legs look longer. If you have slim legs then this is the best fit for you.

  • buying-guide-denim-regularfit.jpg

    Regular Fit

    Simple and classic this fit is the most comfortable to wear. Neither too tight not too loose, this style fits like a dream. They are the roomiest denims out there yet they never look baggy or unflattering. They have almost the same circumference on the thighs as well as the ankles. One will find this fit to be so comfortable that you can practically live in these.

  • Each brand has unique designs named according to the fit. To find out what fit is your denim,click here!

What is a wash?

From the two basic denim types, washed denims are the most popular variety and are produced on a vast majority. Every denim created is coloured with dark shades of dye. The process of removing the excess dye after production leads to a wash on the jeans.

Similarly when a denim is left unwashed it is called raw denim.

  • buying-guide-denim-acidwash.jpg

    Acid Wash

    Acid wash jeans have had a very tumultuous span over years. What were once considered as the epitome of chic were soon looked down upon and the ones wearing them were considered fashion disasters. However fashion comes, goes and comes back again! Acid washing is a process of partially bleaching the jeans with chlorine bleach and pumice stones.

  • buying-guide-denim-dirtywash.jpg

    Dirty Wash

    Dirty wash jeans are designed to have a worn out look. The dirty wash combines the blue with yellow and brown tints to create distressing and used look.

  • buying-guide-denim-stonewash.jpg

    Stone wash

    One of the most popular finishes in denims, a stonewash pair is created by actually using stones on it. Lately with a surge in technology, manufacturers are using chemicals to achieve the effect.


In case you are wondering how different a low rise is from a medium one. Denim rises are measured and identified by the distance between the crotch and the waist.
  • buying-guide-denim-lowrise.jpg

    Low Rise

    Low rise jeans have the smallest space between the crotch and the waist. The closure of this denim sits below the belly button and it has a tight fit around the stomach.

  • buying-guide-denim-midrise.jpg

    Mid Rise

    Many of us don’t feel comfortable wearing a low rise jeans. A mid-rise jeans is the trendy solution to this problem. One get more room between the crotch and the waist in a mid-rise than a low waist.

  • buying-guide-denim-heighrise.jpg

    High Waist

    High waist denims are designed to sit high or above the hips. High waist denims are atleast 3 inches above the navel and were in rage during the 70’s!


It is most crucial to check out the details of your denims. Details take the denims from good to great!

If you have chosen your denims it’s time to look closely at the details before proceeding.

The Closure:

Check whether your pair comes with a button fly or a button fly and a zipper. Make sure the zipper has a clean overlaid panel.

Back Pockets:

It is essential to take a look at the back pockets of your denims. Make sure you check whether it has the correct branding and stitching.

Stitching and Thread Colour:

Insignificant as they may seem, stitching and thread colour make a lot of difference. Heavy embellishments and obvious or excess stitching can destroy the aesthetic feel of the jeans. Make sure the stitch is clean and neat.

There you go, it will now be much easier for you to buy denims online. Make sure you refer to the size chart and know your measurements before buying a denim.

Have a look at our fit chart from various brands right HERE

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