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Casual Shirts/ Formal Shirts

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Quintessential Cool Shirts For Men At Shoppers Stop

If you open any man’s wardrobe, there’s one thing that you will always find - Shirts. An essential clothing option, men’s shirts are known for their versatility. The most staple clothing option for any man revolves around the t-shirt, shirt, and pant. From the past several centuries, we haven’t seen any drastic change in men’s shirts. But there’s something about a shirt that turns a rogue boyish look into a look of an unruffled man. They are comfortable, stylish and sophisticated. If you select the right fit and pattern, formal shirts for men can do wonders. Shopping can be quite cumbersome especially when one has to try different clothes from each shop. At times, you have to remove an entire day for shopping at the mall. If you are one of those men who love to spend the weekend trekking, playing or just binge-watching, then online shopping at Shoppers Stop has come to your rescue. You can save your favourite casual and formal shirts for men; choose only those which you really need, add them to the cart and buy!

Shirts For Men: Sorting Your Wardrobe By The Occasion

Yes, shirts for men are versatile and can be worn for all occasions. But it is necessary to own a couple of casual shirts too for a normal, everyday look. For events and weddings, formal shirts for men are best. You can layer them up according to the function. The most important thing to consider while shopping for men’s shirts online is the ‘size’. If the shirt is too tight or loose then it is not at all fashionable. In fact, it is considered a faux pas. It is advisable to first measure your size before shopping online at Shoppers Stop.

Casual Shirts For The Casual Occasion:

If you are planning to rock the everyday look, pair your simple white shirt with black jeans and white sneakers. At Shoppers Stop, casual shirts for men include patterns such as prints, solids, stripes, floral, and checkered. The summer trend is to opt for floral print shirts. Try to experiment with colours and patterns. For summers, opt for linen shirts and pair them with your shorts. Don’t shy away from colours like yellow and pink. They are quite trending this season. If not, try the muted versions of them. Shopping for casual shirts for men isn’t complicated. Choose a pop of colour for your shirts. A striped shirt with jeans and sneakers are perfect for a casual look. Pro tip: Fold your jeans a little whenever you are wearing sneakers. Also, the recent trend is to wear loafer socks instead of ankle ones.

Formal Shirts For Office Men

If you are working, you at least need to have a few basic formal shirts. Do not forget to add colours of grey, white, black and brown to your formal shirts collection. The recent favourite of the designers has been navy colour shirts. For summers, opt for cotton, viscose or cotton blend fabrics. They will soak up your sweat and are quite lightweight. For winters, opt for layering your formal shirts with sweaters, jackets or suits. Shop for men’s shirts online at Shoppers Stop at an unbeatable price.

Dance Your Way In Party Wear Shirts

For a long time, people considered silk as the go-to fabric for party wear shirts. But ditch the trend and opt for something that makes you stand out. Try pairing a pyjama pant with a crisp shirt and sneakers. You can also pair your jeans with slim fit shirts with jackets. If you are keen to experiment, then try a floral jacket on a plain shirt.

Men’s Shirts Fabrics That Create Your Thunder

Cotton Shirts–

Cotton shirts are a must in your wardrobe. As a fabric, it is known for its breathability, lightness and softness. For summers, cotton shirts for men are essential. They will keep you cool too. For casual or for party wear, blended-cotton shirts are a must! You will find the most colourful, vibrant shirts in this fabric. Moreover, the fabric is so common all over the world, you will find various patterns and designs available at the touch of your fingertips.

Linen Shirts–

Linen is high maintenance fabric but it is one of the best too. Because of the low thread count and the quality of the fabric, linen shirts are known as the most breathable! You can wear those linen men’s shirts as casual and formal wear. Pair your shirt with pleated trousers and formal shoes to complete the look.

Viscose Shirts-

Viscose is also known as Rayon fabric. It’s an artificial fabric made from either cotton or silk. It's not synthetic but it’s not 100% pure fabric either. The fabric’s major fibre is made from wood pulp and the end result feels like a mixture between cotton and silk. The fabric is known for its breathability and the way it drapes well on the body. It’s comfortable and a cheap alternative to silk. It’s the best fabric for party wear shirts.

Polyester Shirts-

Polyester is a synthetic fabric. Most of the blended fabrics have certain percentages of polyester in them. Polyester shirts are best for rainy seasons. They don’t soak up water and dries up quickly which makes it ideal to be worn on a rainy day. It’s resistant to stretching and shrinking, unlike the other fabrics. Polyester is low on maintenance but isn’t highly sustainable either. Shop for men’s shirts online at Shoppers Stop. Brands such as Being Human, Wrangler, Celio, Life, Levis, Spykar, Stop, Jack and Jones, U.S. Polo Assn., etc are available at the touch of your hands. We focus on delivering the best quality available by partnering with the most trustworthy brands. Buy shirts for men at Shoppers Stop without any worry. We ensure to make your experience remain friendly and pleasurable. While you are browsing for men’s shirts, look for other categories such as jeans, trousers, belts, and wallets. You don’t have to worry about the authenticity and delivery options. Once the order is placed, the products will reach your doorstep within a week.

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