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Blouses/ Saree

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Buy Sarees Online At Shoppers Stop

If there is anything that describes Indian wear for women, it's designer sarees. For the past five centuries, the principal form of clothing was sarees and a lot has changed since then! The patterns and designs of sarees have evolved to be comfortably stylish for the wearer. These designer sarees aren’t just meant for weddings. You can wear them for any occasion. In fact, you can see the trend shifting drastically. Leading fashion houses lately have been inclined to create haute-couture pieces revolving around designer sarees. The recent fashion drift is all about ‘revival of traditional arts and crafts’. If you are keen to buy sarees online, then Shoppers Stop is a perfect choice for you. Pro Tip: With any designer sarees, you need to select the right colour of petticoat. If you buy sarees online, you will also get an unstitched blouse piece along with your order.

Fabrics Of The Designer Sarees That Make You Look Like A Diva

Traditionally, Indian designer sarees used to be 9 yards long but now they are available anywhere from 4 to 9 yards. Nowadays, designer sarees contain various patterns, embroideries, embellishments, textures, and prints so that you get a wide variety of options. Before you decide to buy sarees online, we want you to understand a tad bit about the fabrics.

Cotton sarees:

If you want to own traditional Indian wear then it has to be cotton sarees. As a fabric, cotton is known for being lightweight and breathable. It is low on maintenance thereby making cotton sarees as the best choice in summers. Designer sarees like Chanderi, Kanjeevaram, Chikankari, Tant and many others are made out of cotton. It’s an ideal fabric in India due to the harsh and long summers. If you aren’t looking for 100% pure cotton fabric, then you can find a lot of other options as well among the collection of our sarees online, including Cotton Silk, Cotton Blend, and Poly Cotton. Pro Tip: For a casual vibe, pair your kalamkari saree with silver jewellery along with Bobbi Brown’s Cool Beets lipstick.

Silk sarees:

Silk is considered to be one of the most versatile and contemporary fabrics. Unlike others, silk, as a fabric, can be easily blended with other fibres and that’s why each state of India has its own version of Silk Saree’s pattern. Some of these Silk saree’s patterns, such as Tussar Silk, Raw Silk, Brocade Silk, Jute Silk, Silk Blend and many more are available at Shoppers Stop. Depending on the type of fabric and the work done on them, silk sarees can be worn from casual to bridal wear. These designer sarees are usually associated with luxury and richness. Demarca’s Chanderi Silk sarees can be worn in weddings. You can pair it with your gold jewellery to complete the look. Check out our wide range of designer silk sarees online and be the center of attraction of every party & event.

Chiffon sarees:

Sarees can be worn on a daily basis without any hassle and chiffon sarees are the best example. The yarns of chiffon fabric are made from cotton and synthetic material like nylon and polyester. For dinner parties, you can opt for chiffon designer sarees as they have a slight shimmer to it. Demarca’s blue shaded chiffon saree can be worn for Diwali parties or family gatherings. It has a beautiful flow which accentuates the wearer’s body. Also, the sarees are majorly printed and that’s why you can find them in various colours only at Shoppers Stop.

Georgette sarees:

Most people get confused between chiffon and georgette fabric. Chiffon is quite light and sheer while georgette is a crepe fabric. It has a peppery texture and is a little heavier than chiffon sarees; however, when draped properly, it looks gorgeous & feel lighter. Certain georgette sarees have thread work, embroidery, stonework, and mirror work on them. They can be worn for weddings and festivities. If you like to experiment with different style, then opt for Rheson’s Tropical Girl Palazzo Saree. It’s easy to wear and has minimum maintenance.

Banarasi Silk Sarees:

It’s a type of silk that was worn only by royals. It’s the richest fabric available in India and tends to exuberate a feel of luxury. Banarasi silk sarees are known for their intricate work made out of gold and silver threads. This timeless saree is a must have in every Indian household. If you love brocade work, then these designer sarees are a perfect choice for you. You can explore our collection of Banarsi Silk sarees online.

Select Your Designer Sarees Online According To The Occasions

Certain sarees are meant for only weddings and you simply cannot wear them as daily wear. If you don’t understand fabrics at all, then don’t worry, you can select your sarees according to the occasions. At Shoppers Stop, we have filters that enable you to select your designer sarees online according to your needs and preferences.

Rock The Casual Look:

You don’t need a reason to wear sarees. For office wear, opt for cotton Kalamkari saree with silver jewellery. In fact, choose print sarees for a casual date too! If you are planning to host a dinner party, try out a black chiffon saree with diamond earrings and red lipstick to stand out. Styling your sarees is pretty simple. When you are buying designer sarees online, keep in mind to check out the jewellery too. You can mix-match them according to your style and mood.

Party All Night:

Hosting parties can be stressful especially when one has to take care of food, entertainment and people. There’s barely any time to shop for oneself. So instead of wasting away your precious day to shop, buy sarees online at the comfort of your home only at Shoppers Stop. For parties or festivities, opt for designer sarees that give you a nice drape and fall. It’s just another misconception that one shouldn’t wear sarees for parties. In fact, you will stand out and at the same time look graceful. Designer sarees such as Chikankari, Chanderi, and Georgette are suited for parties.

Dance Off! Do Your Thumkas At Weddings:

Indians could have another season named as weddings. You can’t wear Anarkali or kurtis in weddings. Choose designer sarees online depending on the wedding rituals. For a day wedding, opt for the timeless traditional designer sarees like Bandhani, Patola, Banarasi, Gotta Pati, Phulkari or Velvet. For the reception, velvet and chikankari sarees are exceptional. Shopping is a stress buster for many people. But it drains anyone down if an entire day is spent to find that perfect saree to no avail. Offline shopping means going to different stores, trying out different options and if you like the product at the end, then buy or else; an entire day goes to waste. But buying sarees online is way easier and convenient. Just know your price range & the occasion for which you are looking to wear your designer saree and you are done with your shopping in a mere few hours. At Shoppers Stop, we ensure the best shopping experience for you. All of our designer sarees have fabric details and washing care instructions. We strive hard to partner with trustworthy brands so that you won’t have to worry about the authenticity of the products. We also have cash on delivery option if you are unsure about the pre-paid payment. So, what are you waiting for? Buy women sarees online for your next event only from Shoppers Stop. And while you are at, do check our heels collection to go with it.

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