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Eyeshadows are a staple for anyone who is into makeup and beauty products. If your eyes are the canvas of your soul, the eyeshadow is the base colour that you begin your artwork with.

When it comes to choosing an eyeshadow, there are so many shades, textures, formulas and finishes available, that it will make your head spin. Our step-by-step eyeshadow buying guide will make it easier for you:

Types of Eyeshadow:

When you want to buy an eyeshadow, the first factor that you should consider is the type. There are broadly three types of eyeshadows available:

  • Powder

    If you have oily skin, a powder eyeshadow is good for you. Its dry formulation does not smudge or crease on your skin. Powder eyeshadows are also economical as they come in palettes of complementing shades.

  • Cream

    Cream eyeshadows last longer than their powder counterparts, both on the eyes and on the shelf. Cream eyeshadows are also available in both matte and glossy finish. On the flipside, they tend to crease easily.

  • Eyeshdow pencil

    Eyeshadow pencils eliminate the need of a separate applicator. The precision tip allows you to use pencil eyeshadows as coloured liners as well. For more elaborate looks with different colours, pencil shadows are the best.

Choose Your Shade

When it comes to eyeshadows, there is no limitation to the shades. You will find shadows in an abundance of colours, that at times makes it difficult to choose.

  • Nudes

    Nude shadows are best for a demure, toned-down, and neat look that you can wear every day – whether it’s for work, or a brunch with friends.

  • blush

    Blush shades are mainly a combination of soft pastels like peach, pink and lilac with a medium to low coverage. These are useful when you want a dewy look without your makeup standing out.

  • matallic

    Metallic shades are distinguishable by their incredible shine and rich colour coverage. The shades that fall under the metallic bracket are golden, silver, copper, browns etc.

  • dark

    A staple for smoky eyes, dark colours create drama like no other. Best suited for evenings, they are usually available in palettes of complementing colours to help you attain that perfect look.

  • jewal-tones

    Shades of teal, emerald, turquoise etc. are much in vogue for their kitsch and peppy look. A quick flick of jewel shades on the outer rim of your eyes will brighten up your face in an instant.

Time Of The Day

Based on the time of the day, you can choose between colours and textures. Choose nudes or neutral shades with a matte or satin finish for a muted look. Go for bold, dark, and shimmery hues in the evening.

Your eye makeup should complement the occasion that you are attending, and not clash against it. Here are a few basic looks that you can try and customize to suit your style, to make sure you have the flawless look, no matter what the occasion or the time of the day.

  • Day Look

    A palette of nude shades on a neutral or pinkish base is the ideal go-to look if you’d like to wear eyeshadow every day to work. If colours attract you, stick to cream-based shadows with a medium to low coverage to ensure nothing goes over the top.

  • Evening Look

    Highlight your eyes with dark colours and shimmery textures for an evening look. Create sophisticated smoky eyes with a hint of metallic tones to brighten up the after-dark hours.

Things To Remember

Here are some other factors that can influence your choice of eyeshadow:

  • Packaging

    Eyeshadows usually come in two formats of shadow palettes and stand-alone colours. Palettes are more commonplace for they present a set of complementing colours. Opt for separate boxes if you want to create unconventional colour combinations.


    Eyeshadows primarily come in texture types of matte, satin, cream, and shimmer. The main difference is in the degree of shine. As a rule of thumb, the oilier your skin, the drier the texture you should opt for.


    Look for pigmentation while buying eyeshadows. Highly pigmented shadows provide a greater coverage. The lower the pigmentation, the lesser is the intensity of the colour.

Using eyeshadow is all about adding an extra depth to the eyes in a way that complements the eye colour, shape, and your outfit. Follow our nifty guide to help you sift through the many different types and shades to find the perfect eyeshadow for you.

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