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Eye Makeup

Your eyes are the door to your soul. They hold the power to transform an entire look. A flick of eyeliner and few coats of mascara can dramatically change you from a girl-next-door to a demure diva.

While buying eye makeup online, be sure to know the different types of eyeliner, Kajal and mascara and their usage.

There’s a lot more to consider than you think while buying eyeliners. So here’s all that you need to know for making a better and conscious choice among the various brands and their eye products.

Types Of Eyeliner

Eyeliners give your eyes a beautiful shape. They have the ability to transform your look with a few brush strokes and are versatile enough for you to experiment with them.

Eyeliners usually come in the following categories:

  • EyeMakeup_01_01_Liquid


    Use liquid eyeliners that come with a sharp, precise brush to draw a defined line. Apply liquid eyeliner on the eyelids along the lash line for creating a Retro look with winged eyes and scoops or flicks.

  • EyeMakeup_01_02_Gel


    Gel eyeliners give you a satin finish with a relatively softer and smoother glide. Although it takes time to get used to gels, once you get the hang of applying, it gives you a professional looking finish.

  • EyeMakeup_01_03_Pencil


    Attain a subtle, every day look with pencil eyeliners. Plus, eye pencils give you the option to also darken your waterlines. (You obviously don’t want colour running inside your eyeball).

  • EyeMakeup_01_04_Pen


    With their sharp tips and easy fluidity, eyeliner pens are the easiest and quickest to apply. Although they are not as pigmented as pencils and some may require 2 coats to achieve that perfect colour, pens are convenient when you want those crisp lines.

  • EyeMakeup_01_06_Kohl


    Available in easy twist tubes, kohls offer smooth glides, minus the hassles of sharpening. On the downside, kohls are the most likely to smudge. Make sure to choose one with a proclaimed smudge-resistant formula for best results.

Types Of Mascara

Long, luscious, and thick lashes have always been in vogue! Mascaras are your key to dreamy eyes, whether you want long fanned lashes or short clumped ones, mascara is the answer to all your questions.

Here are the different types of mascaras you should know about.

  • EyeMakeup_02_01_Lengthening


    Lengthening mascaras give you a neat look with separate, precise lashes. They come with a long brush with an even space among the bristles for clean and long lashes.

  • EyeMakeup_02_02_Volumizing


    Volumizing mascaras come with a bigger brush and dense bristles that coat large proportions of the lashes. It takes practice to get used to a volumizing mascara, as it can be prone to clumping. Volumizing mascaras are ideal for those with sparse lashes.

  • EyeMakeup_02_03_Curling


    Curling mascaras have wands that have bristles tilted to an even 45 degrees for some extra curve. They lift and hold the lashes for a doll-like look. They are perfect to open up your eyes and make them look bigger.

  • EyeMakeup_02_04_LashDefining

    Lash defining

    Usually available with a straight wand, lash defining mascaras give access to the inner eye-lid lashes and the smaller ones for added length.

  • EyeMakeup_02_05_WaterProof

    Waterproof And Smudge proof

    These are your best choice for summers and monsoons. Waterproof and smudge proof mascaras ensure that your lashes look fab throughout. On the flipside, you will have to use special oil-based makeup removers.


It is unlikely that one type of eye makeup will fit all your needs. Use different combinations of eyeliners and mascaras for different occasions and times of day.

  • EyeMakeup_03_01_EveryDayBasic

    Everyday Basic Look

    A sleek glide of the Kajal on the lower/ upper waterline with a neat coat of mascara will create the best every day look that you can pull off at work or college.

  • EyeMakeup_03_02_NudeEyes

    Nude Eyes

    Creating nude eyes will require a brown eye pencil and translucent mascara. You can also finish off the lower rim and waterline with a white pencil to create an illusion of big eyes without the makeup being obvious.

  • EyeMakeup_03_03_DramaticWings

    Dramatic Wings

    Winged eyes are an incredibly popular look. You will need a liquid or gel eyeliner that comes with a precision brush for a pair of perfect wings to nail that killer party look.

  • EyeMakeup_03_04_SultrySmokey

    Sultry Smoky

    A sultry, shadowy look that does not stand out with defined lines, but creates a sensual, smouldered appeal is a winner at parties. A kohl and volumizing mascara are your go-to tools for this look.

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