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Shoppers Stop has associated with Goonj to jointly run a pan India campaign to recycle old clothes for a cause.

These clothes will be given away to underprivileged families in rural areas with limited means.

What is Goonj?

Goonj is a non-governmental organisation which works throughout the year to channel underutilized material from resource rich urban India to the rural/slum India.

These materials include clothes, books, and toys to relief materials which will be shared with the underprivileged.

Goonj collects this material from the cities, sorts it and sends it to people in remote parts of the country under its various initiatives

Founded in 1999, Goonj works in parts of 22 states, addressing basic but often ignored issues from water, sanitation, agriculture, environment and education.

They offer livelihood opportunities by creating a barter between community labour and urban material.

Our Initiative

Shoppers Stop will facilitate the collection of usable clothes from our customers at our stores. The same will be sent to the recycle centres of Goonj.

Goonj will segregate the clothes into three parts –

  • a) Clothes in good condition will be given away in same condition to underprivileged families in rural areas,
  • b) Cotton clothes will be segregated and used by them for making reusable sanitary napkins which will be donated to women in rural areas and
  • c) Torn clothes will be shredded to make recycled and reusable cloth bags, mats and quilts which will be given to underprivileged families in rural areas.

Let us make collective efforts to make the change for the betterment of others.

Here’s your chance to share happiness with others and give back to the society.

Head to our stores now to make your contribution to the recycle movement initiated by Goonj.

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