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Buy Suits and Blazer for Men At Shoppers Stop

During the early 20th century, suits for men were a standard form of clothing. It was considered as customary wear for working men. Custom-tailored suits were popularly made for the upper-classmen. But the times have changed and the rules are loosened. Suits and blazers for men which were usually considered as formal wear can now also be worn as casual attire. If chosen a right fit men’s suit, it will enhance the look and can be worn for almost all occasions. It is important to choose the right type and fabric whenever you are buying a suit for men. Shopping offline can take a whole day and at the same time, it can be quite exhaustive. Instead, opt to explore different styles and designs of suit and blazer for men online. You can simply add the suit to the cart and buy! As simple as that. Your order will be delivered in just one week.

Simplifying Different Parts Of Men’s Suits

Suits are highly underrated and misjudged from the past few years. Men have given away wearing blazer or suits other than on a special occasion. In fact, you can opt to wear blazers for casual occasions. Shopping for suits for men for the first time can get a bit overwhelming and that’s why we have many filter options to narrow down your selection for suits. The suit basically consists of four parts and has few accessories to go with it. You can buy different types of suits for men depending on your needs and preferences.

Classy Shirts for Men:

Whenever you want to wear formal suits for men, make sure to select the right formal shirt too. Also, the type of shirt would change if you intend to wear a tuxedo. There are a lot of options available for men’s shirts. One of the safest options is to own a white solid shirt. It can be paired with trousers and jeans without giving it a second thought. But don’t be afraid to experiment with different colours and material of shirts. Satin shirts are great for dancing parties. Georgette shirts have a bit of shine to them so it looks great for wedding rituals.

Cool T-shirts for Men:

If you are looking to wear a blazer for some casual event, then opt for a t-shirt over shirts. It oozes a peppy, cool vibe on the wearer. From the wide range of men’s tshirts available, crew neck t-shirt suits better if you buy a snug fit blazer. But if you are choosing for a regular fit blazer then opt for a v-neck t-shirt. Pair them with sneakers and Timex watches for men to complete the look.

Comfortable Pants/Trousers for Men:

Depending on the type of suit, you can opt for different types of trousers. Slim fit trousers may go well with a slim fit blazer for men. So, whenever you are buying a suit, it is better if you get a set instead of buying each part individually. At Shoppers Stop, you can get suits for men online easily. You can compare different kinds of suits available and then make a choice at your leisure.

Stylish Waistcoats for Men:

It’s the third piece of the suit. Traditionally, the waistcoats used to have pockets in which men used to put their pocketwatch but now it’s used as a stylish layering option. You should opt for waistcoats for a formal event, conference or for weddings. Usually, it’s lightweight and made from comfortable fabric such as cotton, silk, and wool. You can buy your favourite waistcoat online from Shoppers Stop. Pro Tip: You can always use a different colour waistcoat to create a contrast for your men’s suit.

Trendy Blazer for Men:

If there is one piece of mens clothing that can take up a notch higher, it has to be blazer for men. It’s a clothing that can be paired with anything and still look fabulous. Be it a t-shirt, shirt, jeans, trousers, or shorts, blazers go with everything as long as they fit you right! They also give you warmth during winters, Choose from different styles, patterns and designs of blazers for men at Shoppers Stop.

Blazers And Suits For Different Occasions

As the rules for wearing a suit has loosened up, you can simply pair up your blazer for almost all occasions. They evoke a sense of professionalism, enchanting and peppy.


You can now wear a suit without any tie or formal shirts. For a casual event or date, you can pair your vests, t-shirts with jeans and blazer. They tend to look very stylish and make a good impression. For example, pair a white solid t-shirt with black pants and black blazer. Add sneakers and Tommy Hilfiger watches and complete your attire. These outfits bring an air of sophistication! You can opt for a casual blazer for men online at Shoppers Stop.


For the past two centuries, formal suits were the standard form of clothing. Perfect for boardroom and conferences, the formal suits for men evoke a powerful and confident vibe of the wearer. For the semi-formal event, opt for one breasted blazer for men. For red carpet events and weddings, opt for double-breasted blazers. Pair your ‘Theme’s Mens Notched Lapel Solid 2 Piece Suit’ with Fossil watch and formal shoes to complete your attire.

Party And Weddings:

Casual blazers for men can be worn for parties be it clubbing or dining. For weddings, you can wear either a three-piece suit or tuxedo for the night. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colours and fabrics. At Shoppers Stop, you can select your blazers or suits according to the most comfortable fabric. We have cotton, linen, cotton blend, polyester, silk, rayon, viscose and much more.

How To Choose The Right Blazer And Suit For Men Online

The recent fashion trends have paved a way for shirts and jeans and made suits reductant. Hence, the knowledge of choosing the right fabric and suit has remained to a select few. Most men either buy tailor-made suits and blazers or get an ill-fitting one. So, whenever you go online suit shopping, here’s what you need to keep in mind – You need to know your right measurements of your chest, inseam, waist and height.There are different types of fit available such as slim, regular and fit. Choose only those men’s suits in which you are comfortable. There is a probability that you might not like the colour or the fit of the pants or the blazers. There’s an easy exchange and return policies at Shoppers Stop to make your shopping experience a pleasant one. Whether it’s a party wear suit or a formal one, make sure you don’t repeat these mistake before buying suits online. You can style your suits and blazer in quite many ways. For a brunch date, you can pair a solid-plain fitting t-shirt with shorts and a casual blazer. If you have to attend a formal red carpet event, pair your formal suit with waistcoat and cufflinks. For weddings, opt for tuxedo suit. You can combine the suit with your choice of shirts, ties to express your individuality. While you are looking for suits for men, explore the accessories that go with it. You can find pocket square, cufflinks, ties, tie pin, socks and shoes only at Shoppers Stop. We aim to make your shopping process hassle-free. With authentic products and unbeatable quality, you can always place your trust on Shoppers Stop and shop away!

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