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How to become a brand ambassador for Shoppers Stop, on social media!

We post a lot of things on our social channels that is related to Shoppers Stop as a brand, the brands that are with us, as well as content made by you!

For those who know, we regularly post interesting videos, product shots, and highlight our staff through instore activities like makeup masterclasses, makeup contests, and campaigns like #RecycleForHerCycle.

All of this helps showcase the world what the Shoppers Stop family has, and is capable of. Here is how you can personally help #KeepTheLoveAlive on social media.       

  1. Follow us, if you haven’t already!

Simply head to any preferred social media channels mentioned below and:

Do this now: Go ahead, click the links above and hit like/follow/subscribe!

  1. Switch on notifications to be continuously updated:

It’s important that you are aware of what we as a brand are posting on our channels.

Enable notifications so that you are constantly updated.

Do this now:Follow these steps-

  • Go to our brand page into Instagram:
    • Long press on the follow button
    • Click on notifications
    • Switch on for posts, stories, IGTV, and Live Videos
  • Go to our brand page on Twitter and Youtube:
    • After following the channel, click on the bell icon that appears.

  1. #KeepTheLoveAlive by engaging with us:

Please like and comment on all our posts, every day, and share them with your friends and family. The more likes, and comments we get, the more visibility we all get.

You can even share the links to the posts with our customers, or repost them on your handles using FREE repost apps like Reposter for Instagram

Or any other app of your choice! 

Do this now: Click the following two links, see the posts, and then:

  1. Press like on Facebook and “Heart” on Instagram.
  2. Add a comment or your favourite emoji
  3. Click share to reshare on your feed or story

Janata Curfew on Instagram 

Janata Curfew on Facebook

  1. Tag us in your posts and stories, and we will feature you as well!

Show us how your daily life at Shoppers Stop is by uploading your posts and stories, and tagging us on the respective channels by using the tags mentioned in point 1.

Do this now:: Do the following right away:

  1. Open Instagram
  2. Click on the top left camera icon
  3. Take a picture or a video by clicking the white button in the center, or simply upload a video by clicking the image on the bottom left
  4. Click on “Aa” on the top right and write:
    #KeepTheLoveAlive with @shoppers_stop
  5. Click “Your Story” on the bottom left.

Done! :)

And this is how, dear colleagues, you can help #KeepTheLoveAlive for Shoppers Stop in the world of social media.
Go ahead, show us your creativity, and always ensure you tag Shoppers Stop whenever you want your story to be seen by us!

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