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Base Makeup

Base makeup is an essential in the makeup kitty for anyone. But, as facts reveal, only 15% of women worldwide use the correct foundation for their skin tone. To top that, skin tone or colour is just one part of the entire package. There are so many things like formulas, pigmentation, applicators, coverage etc. that you have to take into consideration to get hold of the ‘ideal’ product for your skin. Before you jump to buy that cute looking bottle that you think will give you a ‘flawless’ face, go through our buying guide to find out what your face actually requires.

Here’s your guide to finding that perfect base.

Skin Type

Your skin type plays the most important part while choosing base makeup. Anything that is unfavourable for your skin, will cause the much-dreaded nightmares – zits and breakouts.

  • BaseMakeup_01_01_DrySkin

    For Dry Skin

    Those with dry skin will need hydration and moisturisation to conceal visible flakes and induce a healthy glow before you start applying your makeup. Look for products that promise a hydration boost with Vitamin E and antioxidants.

  • BaseMakeup_01_02_OilySkin

    For Oily Skin

    Before buying any foundation for oily skin check whether it has shine control to keep your face from looking greasy. Also, keep an eye out for ‘long wear’ formulations so that the oil does not strip your face of the makeup.

  • BaseMakeup_01_03_CombinationSkin

    For Combination Skin

    Choose a texture that can cope with both the dry and oily zones of your face. A foundation with both hydrating and brightening benefits is the go-to option for this type of skin.

  • BaseMakeup_01_04_NormalSkin

    For Normal Skin

    If you are blessed with skin that rarely goes through adverse skin conditions and manage to look impressive in all weathers, you can safely use any base makeup without worrying about the detailed specifications, just make sure you pick up the right shade.

  • BaseMakeup_01_05_SensitiveSkin

    For Sensitive Skin

    If you are prone to breakouts, look for light and non-clogging tinted moisturisers that will allow your pores to breathe. Stick to ‘safer’ formulations or look for ‘sensitive skin’ labels on products.

Skin Tone

A tell-tale test to determine skin tone is by checking the colour of your veins under sunlight. If they are more on the greener side, you have warm undertones. If they are blue/purple, you are in the cool-toned spectrum. Those with a neutral undertone will find it difficult to tell the colour apart, always test your foundation on a small part of your skin before you apply it.

  • BaseMakeup_02_01_WarmSkinTone


    Warm undertone signifies that you have a little yellow toned skin. Choose a palette of gold, bronze, and rust shades to set the base right.

  • BaseMakeup_02_02_CoolSkinTone


    You will see a natural rosy flush in your face if you have cool undertones. Choose a foundation in ivory shades to illuminate your face in accordance with its natural colour pigments.

  • BaseMakeup_02_03_NeutrelSkinTone


    If you are blessed with a neutral undertone, you can wear pretty much all colours. Play up the neutral undertones with foundations in neutral-yellow shades.


The finish of your base makeup should also be on point as it seals you entire look for the occasion. According to the longevity and the occasion type, choose your makeup finish from these categories:

  • BaseMakeup_03_01_MatteFinish


    With a dry finish, matte foundation is best for people with oily skin. A matte finish base is also ideal if you want your makeup to stay for longer hours.

  • BaseMakeup_03_02_GlossyFinish


    For a face that is glowing and radiant, choose foundations or primers that come with illuminating properties for better highlighting. The drawback – glossy finishes will require time-to-time touch ups.

  • BaseMakeup_03_03_DewFinish


    For a dewy face, choose a product that has illuminating properties, like diffusing powders and oil-controlling minerals, that will lock in a soft, youthful glow sans any extra heaviness on your face.

  • BaseMakeup_03_04_NaturalFinish


    If your skin needs just a bit of coverage, choose a product with a natural or satin finish.


The choice of base product will vary depending on the amount of coverage you want.

With so many factors combined together, getting hold of the right base makeup is indeed a tough task. But not to worry, hopefully this buying guide will help you choose better.

  • BaseMakeup_05_01_CoverageLow


    Low coverage tinted moisturisers just brighten up your face, without creating much fuss. So if you are going for a natural, no makeup look then apply a light tinted moisturiser before stepping out.

  • BaseMakeup_05_02_CoverageMedium


    If you are looking for an airbrushed look that hides imperfections without looking cakey opt for a medium coverage foundation.

  • BaseMakeup_05_03_CoverageFull


    If you want a perfect, near-flawless face with no visible spots or blemishes, go for a full coverage foundation. Make sure you blend it perfectly so that it doesn’t look cakey and thick.


Each age group has its own set of pros and cons to the skin. Choose base makeup according to your age for a more definite solution for the problem areas.

  • BaseMakeup_04_01_AgeTeensTwenty

    Teens - twenties

    If you are in this age group, choose base makeup that targets the main concerns – oil, pores, and acne. A foundation with a non-greasy finish and oil control formula will take care of your skin.

  • BaseMakeup_04_02_AgeThirtiesFourties

    Thirties and forties

    Solve issues of blemishes and pigmentation with an illuminating formula. Go for a fairly medium coverage to conceal the appearance of fine lines and impart a healthy glow.

  • BaseMakeup_04_03_AgeFiftiesNAbove


    A full-coverage, anti-aging foundation is ideal for mature skin. Look for primers with rich hydration to keep your face moisturised.

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