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Classic yet contemporary, Bulgari upholds its 130-year legacy with a timeless sense of exquisite beauty in their designs. The brand stands as a byword for artisanal craftsmanship, avant-garde materials & unrivalled designs.


Founded in Rome in 1884 by a Greek silversmith Sotirio Bulgari as a jewellery shop, Bulgari progressively imposed itself on the industry with its creations, emblems of Italian excellence featuring a highly distinctive style through in mix of classicism and modernity.The success and the pioneering spirit of the Bulgari family helped the company evolve into the role of a global player with a product portfolio ranging from jewels to perfumes.

Bulgari’s excellence and savoir faire of its unique jewellery heritage are perfectly reflected into its perfumes.Each Bulgari fragrance expresses the brand’s refinement, elegance and the expertise of prestigious perfumers.Alike with the most precious gems, Bulgari enhances the uniqueness of a woman with its glamorous and enchanting perfumes.