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Privileges at Shoppers Stop



Frequently Asked Questions

All About Your Rewards

  • 1. Each reward point you earn is worth `0.60
  • 2. Flash your First Citizen Black Card at the cash counter to collect and / or redeem these points at the time of billing.
  • 3. You will need to be personally present to redeem your points. Present your First Citizen Black card, sign the redemption acknowledgement and enjoy your rewards.
  • 4. You can use your reward points to buy almost anything in the store, but for a few exceptions. An updated list of these products is available at the First Citizen Desk. Products highlighted in this list cannot be redeemed for points nor can you earn points on purchase of these products.
  • 5. Reward points cannot be used to buy Shoppers Stop Gift Vouchers. Your points have a limited validity and will lapse if not redeemed within the redemption period. So, don't miss out!
  • 6. You can keep track of your reward points at any time on or on our mobile app. Points will also be printed on every bill for your convenience. You can also visit any First Citizen Desk for an immediate update.

A Few Things to Note

  • 1. Always carry your First Citizen Black card when you visit any of our stores. Alternatively, a virtual card that is available on the Shoppers Stop mobile app can also be used.
  • 2. Sign on the reverse of the card as soon as you receive it. This will be used to verify your signature at the time of availing privileges & benefits / points redemption.
  • 3. Only a Primary First Citizen and / or Associate First Citizen can redeem First Citizen Reward Points. Reward points and rewards cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • 4. Reward Points earned on a particular day cannot be redeemed on the same day.
  • 5. Reward Points cannot be earned through First Citizen Reward Points Redemption Certificate, Credit Note, Gift Voucher and Discount Values.
  • 6. Reward points can be earned on the net value of the cash/credit card/debit card/bank wallet actually paid by you. Reward points will not be earned on purchase of certain categories (including purchase of Gift Voucher / Cards/ eGV), details of which is available at the First Citizen Desk.
  • 7. Reward Points earned by you are not transferable. No discounts of any type can be availed when a Reward Points Voucher is being used / redeemed.
  • 8. Redeem your First Citizen Reward Points within the validity period of your First Citizen Black Card, after which the Reward Points automatically lapse.
  • Reward Points will not be credited with retrospective effect under any circumstances.

Update your contact details so we can keep you updated.

If there is any change in your address, telephone number or email address, you can write to us at with your updated details or drop in at any of our stores and fill the data update form. This will enable us to keep you updated on special promotions and exclusive in-store events

Replacing your card.

You no longer need to worry about replacing your lost First Citizen Black Card. Just login to the Shoppers Stop mobile app and your digital card is already delivered there.

Renewing your Annual First Citizen - Black Membership.

Your First Citizen Black membership is valid for one year from your date of enrolment/renewal. To renew it and continue your membership uninterrupted, remember to pay the annual renewal fee before the end of your current card validity.

Additional Terms & Conditions

  • 1. All terms & conditions pertaining to the First Citizen Program shall be applicable to the First Citizen Black Card / Member along with the additional terms & conditions mentioned below. Furthermore, the detailed terms & conditions and benefits shall be available on, which shall be subject to revision as per the discretion of Shoppers Stop Limited.
  • 2. The Shoppers Stop First Citizen Black (Black Card) is a membership available through application only and on payment of requisite annual fees (application / renewal) that may be laid out and revised by Shoppers Stop from time to time.
  • 3. The First Citizen Black is an individual / family card and cannot be owned / purchased or used by an institution / company or their representatives. No benefits / privileges including reward points & discounts pertaining to the First Citizen Black card will be made available to such institutions / companies or their representatives.
  • 4. A First Citizen Black card member may avail of complimentary associate cards for family members. Up to 2 complimentary Associate First Citizen Black Cards can be availed on a Primary First Citizen Black Card.
  • 5. A First Citizen Black Card membership shall be valid for a period of one year from the enrolment / renewal date as reflected in the Shoppers Stop system. The First Citizen Black Card membership will have to be renewed every year. Upon non-renewal of the membership of First Citizen Black Card at the end of its validity period, the card holder shall be given the status of 'First Citizen Golden Glow Member' and all the terms & conditions along with the benefits of the 'Golden Glow Card' shallonly be applicable.
  • 6. Earning Reward Points on the First Citizen Black Card shall be as per the Shoppers Stop First Citizen Program, which may be revised from time-to-time by Shoppers Stop.
  • 7. If a First Citizen Black Card member wishes to discontinue the card prior to the card validity date, which is permissible only within 30 days of the card enrolment date and in such case the refund of the balance payment of the joining fees will be paid to the customer as points/cash, as per the decision of Shoppers Stop, post adjustment done with the points availed/redeemed during the 30 day period. For the purpose of these terms & conditions, the term 'balance payment' shall mean 'difference' between First Citizen Black Card membership fee for the period and point benefits if earned and redeemed during the first 30 day period following the date of enrolment as a First Citizen Black Member.
  • 8. Shoppers Stop Ltd. reserves the right to refuse / cancel / terminate / withdraw membership to First Citizen Black at its own discretion and without assigning any reason whatsoever. And all the benefits / privileges and accumulated / existing reward points will cease to exist and Shoppers Stop Ltd. will not be liable to entertain / accept any claim pertaining to such refusal / cancellation / termination / withdrawal.
  • 9. Extended exchange period of 1 year shall be applicable from the date of purchase of merchandize from Shoppers Stop provided its within the First Citizen Black validity period. No Questions asked exchange policy will be extended for 30 days from date of purchase, however the same will be governed by the standard exchange policy of Shoppers Stop and shall not be extended to merchandize that cannot be exchanged/returned as defined in the exchange policy.

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