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Ethnic Delight

No festival is complete without a killer ethnic outfit. This molten gold kurta from Kashish suits the occasion perfectly. Wear it with stylish footwear and a solid watch. Maintain a sleek look with combed hair and a sprig of a refreshing perfume.

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Prints Galore
The Semi- Formal Affair
The Dashing Gentleman
25th Anniversary Special!
Layered Winters

Winter is the best season to experiment with layers of all kinds. With ruffles making a comeback, we have put together a chic winter look for you. Casual and edgy at the same time, this is the perfect outfit to wear to a coffee date.

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Halloween Special - Cleopatra.
Western Influences
Halloween Special - Morticia Addams
Diwali Special - Salwar Suit
Get the look - Sangeet Prep
Blue as the sky
Ethnic With a Twist
Diwali Special - Fusion Wear
Desi Diva
25th Anniversary Special!
Cool Little Dude

Kids these days are style makers! We've put together a look that will make yours stand out. A printed full sleeved tee when paired with casual joggers will set your kid apart from the rest.

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Cool Little Dude
Girls Day Out
25th Anniversary Special!
Table for two

There’s no need to go to a 5 star restaurant to treat your spouse to a romantic dinner. Bring the restaurant to your home with a bright and airy setting. Shop the sentire look and make your house festive ready

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Dine Like Royalty
Stylish Bedrooms

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